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foodBecause I like to eat, to cook and to discover new recipes, I’m all ears for every food news.

A mounth ago, I discovered Yummly, a web search engine for food, cooking and recipes. With Yummly you can find all the recipes in the hole world. Really!!! I searched for « Sarmale » (Stuffed Cabbage or Vine Leaves), one of the main dishes in Romania, and I found it. :). Very helpful!

Another goody is Foodgawker. Here you can find also many food blogs and you can interact with lots of food fans for sharing the ideas, food ideas :).

If you have an account on Pinterest, you can begin to follow Punchfork. Lots of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free recipes 😉

You are in the hurry and you don’t have time to cook? Food on the table is perfect for you! You can plan your meals and, very important, you can save some money. And it’s free to use!! Yupiiiii!!!!

On my phone, I use Foodspotting for sharing dishes and to find the best restaurants nearby or far, far away :). Love it!
I found also the website that helps you to prepare yourself the perfect tea – Steep.it. A useful and funny way to find how much you have to steep your tea :).

Still searching for food websites!!! Do you have any ideas? Me, very big fan of japanese food ;).

Credit foto: drinknectar.com