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girl running with balloonsToday I’ve heard a song to Guerrilla radio station: « Hard Sun » (from « Into the wild » soundtrack)by Eddie Vedder (the frontman of Pearl Jam, for the barbarians ones :))) ). Incredible voice! But, to me, this song and this film « Into the wild » means a lot – the strength of rediscovering myself , the beginning of the adventure of my life! It still gives me the thrills! Sort of « la madeleine de Proust » :)!

4-5 years ago. It was September (a day to remember ). Watching « Into the wild » for the first (and only!) time :). Something happened! In me and with me! After crying my eyes out and laughing all alone in my room, I wanted to RUN!!! Leaving the sad room (and the very sad person aka me), find another place, just leaving all behind and starting something new. And was the moment when I was saying trully to myself: STOP! STOP IT NOW!DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!!! RUN!! CHANGE! BE HAPPY!

And I started to ran! Without looking back! I needed a resurrection, a REstart! Another place! I never knew I could feel so strong!

So, I begun really preparing myself for leaving Romania, passing exams, searching for masters abroad. For me was prepared also a bonus ;). I call it SERENDIPITY ;)…(I think it can be influenced a little bit by your inner smile 😉

And I also learned that when you want something in your life, all you have to do is reach out and grab IT!

Credit photo: alywinc.blogspot.com