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romania-azzuryttWhat do you know about Romania? Besides vampires, Vlad the Impaler, THE football player Gheorghe Hagi, THE gymnaste Nadia Comaneci  or the communist president Nicolae Ceaușescu– the personalities known all over the world?

Besides THE sculptor Constantin Brancusi , THE writer and philosopher Emil Cioran, THE playwriter of the Theatre of the Absurd and writer Eugen Ionescu, THE philosopher Mircea Eliade (History of Religion), what do you know about Romania?

Besides the singers Inna, Alexandra Stan and Play and Win? And for the God’s sake, O-Zone are not from Romania, they are from The Republic of Moldova!!! What do you know about Romania?

Besides the dozens reports on poverty, the Gypsies and the corruption, what do you REALLY know about Romania, this stunning country?

Have you ever been in Romania to see how beautiful it is? Have you ever seen its bears in its virgin landscapes? Have you seen the smile of the Romanians, do you know how they laugh? Before you judge Romania and the Romanians, it’s better to take a look HERE, before you say Fuck Romania! And HERE.

Besides the Gypsies and corruption, what is Romania known for?

For exemple, Romanian is the second language spoken in Microsoft, because the company is full with Romanian IT specialists.

Ana Aslan: inventor of Gerovital anti-aging treatment.
Herta Muller: Nobel prize en literature, 2009
Aurel Vlaicu: built the first arrow-shaped airplane
Nicolae Paulescu: discovered the insulin
and so on!!!'roumains - Recherche Google'

                                                Google.fr – 14.02.2012

Take a good look at Romania and its people, before you judge!

P.S. : Thank you, Liviu Mihaiu.
Photo: blog.paradizo.com