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cute cat portrait paintingYes! This is a real thing! From now on, your cat can order her/his painted portrait on oil « if she is a tabby, white, black, orange, calico, tortoiseshell, large and small, beautiful and very beautiful :). And, of course, Tom cats are admitted, too!!:) ».





Being a cat lover, I think this is a GREAT idea!!! Who is doing this? Carmen Stanescu-Kutzelnig, a Romanin painter who lives in Wien. For now, her most appreciated model is Heidi, her tabby cat of 4 years old.

HeidiWilling to share her pasion for art and cats, Carmen thought that maybe other cats would like to have a painting in oil to represent them. For exemple my tabby Zapping, the most beautiful and antisocial cat in the whole world! :))))

ZappingSo, for this, you can check out the blog Cat painted potraits and the Facebook page Atelier de pictura – primim comenzi de la pisici! All you have to do is to send a photo with your cat to Carmen, and in a few days, the portrait is ready! And from that moment, the royal statut of your cat will be enshrined!!!

What are you waiting for? Let your cat order his painted portrait! :))