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Love ChloeIt wasn’t love at first… sniff. No no no! But in short time has become one of my favourite fragrance (with L’été en Douce, of course) . Why? Because it reminds me of  one of my biggest Love.

Love, Chloé is a concentrate of emotions and turns me back in time… Me, 8-9 years old, with my parents, at the beach. Romanian beach. The Black Sea. My mother, my father – my cocoon… My childhood. The sea. The sun. The smell of the sunscreen. Ohhh! With his softness and delicate flaveurs, Love makes me think of all these.

And that’s why Love has become one of my favourite. If Proust has his Madeleine, me, I need fragrances to bring back memories, special moments of my life, people, feelings, experiences.

A fragrance that I want to wear has to tell me a story, bring memories, sensations… And Love, Chloé, with his softness, brought me back the smell of my childhood’s sunscreen, and the feeling of my parents protection everytime I wear it on my neck, my wrists.

In love with Love by Chloé...